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Dramatic use, of a comma.

Some black and whites.

Well, they are cheaty b&w shots taken on the Canon 5D and then altered. Fun though.


The Hill Country of Sri Lanka is exceptionally beautiful and fertile. Dotted around the endless tea plantations are vegetable gardens and the markets are full of fabulous produce.

The Sri Lankan cuisine is a little limited, but the curries, especially dhal and vegetable ones are fabulous.For some reason they have a reputation for being very hot, but they aren’t at least to my taste.

Kandy at night.

If you look hard, you can see the Buddha on the hill.

Close shave.

Tired of haggling over fake designer clothes I popped into the local barber in down town Nuwara Elia. The Melbourne test was on and my cricket knowledge was tested to its limits. It was a little disconcerting that my man was watching the tele at the same time as using a cutthroat on me. Superb head massage though.