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Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel.

A short walk from the hotel.

Sun and moon.

I might stop loading up sunset pics, but not while it’s like this. Venice beach at 6pm.s

Pickin’ time.

Getting ready for the bluegrass party on Saturday, Mark and Jonathan play to help Trent pick out a new dobro at McCabes.  I hope uploading this little iphone movie works..haven’t tried it before


Did you feel a slight change in the wind? Did the earth move just the tiniest bit on its axis? Mark Rivett, plus Jonathan Zwartz asnd ai visited not one but two wonderful guitar shops today and DIDN’T BUY ONE.( although Mark said:’I’ll be back tomorrow” as we left)

Verticals. Man in White.

I watched for while and said:’Lovey afternoon for it”. He stopped, looked puzzled and said:”O yeah, Australian”h,