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Barren Grounds.

This national Park, just up the road , isn’t called this because it is bereft of vegetation, but after one of the early settlers in the area. It is home to one of the rarest birds on earth, the eastern ground parrot. I haven’t seen it after ten years of walking here. But there is always something to see.

What to do when its wet.

The girls at my favorite shop in Robertson,  Made in the Southern Highlands had a bucketload of pears brought in from a local orchard. So out came the Fowlers Vacola preserver. Red Pears and diced fresh ginger  with wine, cinnamon , cloves and other stuff.

Very Wet.

85 mm of rain yesterday, and it’s bucketing down again. Well, I  did decide to live in a rainforest.

A few favorite Santa Monica shots.

McCabe’s guitar shop.

A visit to LA always in includes stopping in at McCabe’s. It usually means walking out with a new guitar or mandolin,but not this time. I noticed this plaque on the wall nestled in with the acoustic guitars and thought it was quite touching.