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Peter comes to Jamberoo.

For the past eight years I have had the joy of waking up in Jamberoo to see an exquisite bench sitting by the window, with the valley falling away to the sea. The bench  was made by my friend Peter Adam, who lives in the south of Tasmania. His property sits by Roaring Beach, and Peter has built it up by hand over the past twenty years, at the same time revegetating the whole area and planting thousands of trees. It is really worth visiting his blog at, to see the buildings, walkways, and the gallery of his remarkable and beautiful woodcarving.

The bench.

A detail of the bench. The rocks are from Roaring beach, and each cavity carefully hand carved out of the solid piece of Huon Pine.

Peter and the bench.

Here Peter is holding a pinch pot made by our great and dear mutual friend Paulus Berensohn.

Detail of the bench and pinch pot.

I liked this pic of Peter.

Patti Smith.

Last year Patti Smith gave a talk at Cannes. She was fabulous.She also played two songs. Later on she was signing book and posters. I chatted to her but had nothing but my Ipad cover. She took that, wrote her name and gave me a look which was a bit like: “I bet you were a hippie too”, and drew the peace symbol. The photo is one I took of her with the Leica in very low light at the end of her talk. She was radiant.

Jamberoo, winter approaching.

Apologies to my blog for a long absence. Busy, busy. Last weekend was glorious st Jamberoo, with very cold mornings as winter starts to creep in, and clear sunny days. So a few pictures to remember.

Keela helps me select a new color for the kitchen cupboards. She settled on this Lantern red.

The Japanese Maple looking glorious, with Caroline’s fishpond sculpture in the background.

The Anna House, with Mick Purdy sculpture on the right.

Another view.

The road looking up to the canopy with large epiphytes, or bird nest ferns.

Amost home from a walk, bonfire burning.


The mantlepiece. “Still life with Rangerover and birds nest.”

Dusk and Tree Dahlias. Not strictly local, but beautiful in their very short-lived  appearance.