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Reluctantly Pink.

Two days at a very wet Jamberoo. The kind of days I remind myself,well,you did buy land in a rainforest.

The Quinces got another run ( there are a lot of quinces in a case) this time slow cooked for preserving. Getting them to turn pink is always a challenge, and I thought I had cracked it discovering a recipe online of the “from my old grandmother ” variety that said absolutely the secret was to bake them in the oven for three hours first. Well Grandma is a fibber and it made no difference. But by leaving them overnight in a heavy-bottomed pan on the slow burning stove, I got them there eventually. So here they are, with a good dose of vanilla pod and cinnamon.

In Melbourne,Cold.

Well, it’s Winter I suppose. All work tomorrow, but Friday brings a visit to the Essendon Football Club which can hardly be called work( they are taking me to the game Saturday night and so I am giving some informal advice – like:” Stanton needs to up his intensity and have more hard-ball gets”). Then lunch with Adam Morris at the Builders Arms Hotel – you may have heard of it – in Fitzroy which will launch into further exploration of my favourite Gerturde st. Adam who has a genius eye is designing a blog for the documentary which starts shooting next month!

All that has nothing to do with this post which was simply to add two photos to yesterday’s Zone VI effort. These of @andy Braithewaite. What a card. And the glorious Sarang who brightens up the front desk at Ogilvy house.

Zone VI Camera.

A little while back I walked into Mainline Photgraphics in Crows Nest. Scott always has tempting cameras and accessories on display, but my purchases had all revolved around Leicas and their bits and pieces. The thought of using a large format camera hadn’t crossed my mind. And then I saw this.

It is a Zone VI  4X5 camera. Buying it brought a lovely bonus. Scott knew I had absolutely no idea of how to use it, and suggested that Michael Lawrence-Slater, its previous owner might like to help out. Jonathan Zwartz and I spent a happy afternoon with Michael  at his home as he patiently and graciously took us and the camera through it paces. On a subsequent visit to my office Michael introduced me to the idiosyncrasies of Polaroid Type 55 , a single sheet film which gives a polaroid, and a negative. Here are two recent shots taken in my office of Jonathan and Mark “Hollywood” Rivett.



Leica. Anne Judell.

Anne Judell is a friend and neighbour down in Robertson. A wonderful artist who  uses mainly very finely detailed pencil and crayon work. She recently was awarded the 2012 Dobell Prize for drawing for a beautiful triptych titled “Breath”. These are a few shots I took with the Leica at her studio a little while back.


My favorite Autumn arrival is quinces. Paula at the local IGA snaffled a box for me at the markets, and this was to be a Jamberoo everything-quince making weekend. But the weather is just too dreadful, and Caroline is getting ready for a trip to Alice Springs and surrounds researching a feature film for her friend Tim Rose-Price. So we stayed home and  while she has been stuck into the computer, I have fired up the kitchen. I have made quince and quince/apple jelly for a few years, but stumbled on this lovely recipe and website: local kitchen . I modified the recipe a bit, with even more vanilla bean and that has given a very deep color.


The jars are now cooling, and fingers crossed for a reasonable set.