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There is a Baptist Church for every mile of road in this part of Nth Carolina. And there seems to be an unofficial( I assume) competition for pithy phrases aimed at hauling in new fish. Here’s two favorites. And here is a link to, Sliderville USA, Jason Wingrove’s paean to Spruce Pine.

Filming underway.


Jason Wingrove showing Paulus the finer points.



I am in to day 8 now of filming this project and today is the first time I can draw breath and write.

Five days in LA on the way allowed us (I was joined there by the talented Jason Wingrove) to get over jetlag, sort of, check gear, and catch up with Mark Rivett and friends. Jason and I also worked with editor Richard Learoyd who cut the Nurses cinema commercial we had shot just before leaving. It’s looking really good and the client approved the edit yesterday. So it’s into post and I will give a link to it as soon as it’s available.

So then to Penland, North Carolina to commence work on the film of the life and work of Paulus Berensohn, which has the working title of “Everything is art when you’re dressed for it”. The title comes form a story Paulus wrote a few years back.

We had a warm-up day filming at home with Paulus and then three days of a workshop, which centred on the handmade journal. P has been teaching this for twenty years, and journal making and keeping is central to his work. For this workshop, past students, quite a few of who now work fulltime in the book arts, came together from many parts of the USA.


A lively, talented group that coalesced immediately. The filming went very well, and the process of making paste paper which goes on the cover, and then the binding and stitching of the book proved ample opportunity for Jason’s camerawork. We were joined by photographer and blogger Vic Hannan, who was hard at work capturing more moments than even two cameras could cover.

The next two days we were filming mainly at the Penland School of including ironwork, photography, textiles, jewellery, clay and boat building.

Now Jason and Vic have departed and I will film with P over the next three weeks, both here in Penland and further north on a farm he used to live on in Northern Pennsylvania.

I am staying in the tiny town of Spruce Pine Y’all, and have my own mug behind the counter of DT’s Java shop, the only place with good coffee within sixty miles. When the others left Savannah said, “don’t you be lonely now, you have us” Bless.

Very soon I will launch the blog specifically for the documentary and of course will post a link here.

First Produce

This is the first box of Jamberoo Mountain Co. produce. A lovely deep red quince and apple jelly with vanilla beans. Christmas presents I think!