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Just a prisoner here,of my own device.

For those of you wondering if I was spending my time here in Santa Monica just hanging out and bike riding and walking on the Pier and doing yoga and having long breakfasts after a morning surf, well yes, you’re right. But I confess that I am tending to fritter away the rest of my time. This taken after a surf with Mark Rivett up at Will Rogers Park this morning. Pics to follow of a morning walk on the pier and my bike, the Silver Bullet.( Isn’t it funny the things you’ll do here but wouldn’t been dead on in Sydney).¬† I PROMISE the next post will be SERIOUS and about the film and other such things. I think.


I always knew when we had done enough filming because Paulus would look into the camera and say:”enough”. And after six weeks and 26 shooting days it really is. So now (pardon the visual pun) I am putting my feet up and being a surfie hippie type in Santa Monica. More on that in the next post.

After a break from filming, we resumed back in Penland filming mainly at Paulus’s home and on the Penland School of Craft campus.Paulus showed¬† me his “doodling” which has evolved and elaborated over the years. It is an essential part of his journaling process, and we filmed talking about simple ideas of starting with writing the name of the day and drawing on and around that, to the complex doodling plus paper weaving that he now does. With paper weaving he often uses simple photographs with mirrored images that are then cut into strips and re woven. Here is one that hangs on his wall, shot with early morning light through the window.

I think I will leave it there and talk about the last six days filming in another post. The surf calls.