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River Cottage Suprise.


As part our thirty-year wedding anniversary celebration, Caroline has taken me on a magical mystery tour of Devon.The big surprise was a visit to River Cottage Farm, made famous by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Channel 4 program. They run two and four day cooking course as well as intensives for chefs. Caroline took us both on the “one day experience”. There is always some apprehension with something like this that it will be overly commercialised, but our fear evaporated quickly. It was a really very special day and I would recommend it to anyone with interest in sustainability, food, country living( and pig butchering if that’s your thing). Over the course of the day we foraged for blackberries, wild sorrel, hazelnuts, picked zucchini flowers, herbs tomatoes etc.This was all taken back to the chef to include in the dinner. From there is was bread making , learning to fillet fish and dissect a chicken, make a puff pastry dessert and finally how to cure bacon. Then 20 of us sat down to dinner and ate the lot.



We stayed at Spillers Farm B&B, run by the delightful Keith and Bridget( pictured below). Keith is an East London escapee who fell in love with the country and now raises organic pigs and chicken and makes the best sausages and bacon you’ll ever eat. Bridget runs keep it all on the rails and its again a highly recommended place to stay.