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One misty moisty morning…

..when cloudy was the weather I met with an old man cloth-ed all in leather, he wore no shirt upon his back but wool unto his skin, singing howdy do and howdy do and howdy do again”. I’m pretty sure that was the title and  opening of a Steelye Span song that we used to sing. Being in the UK brings to mind many of those old folk songs that they and Fairport Convention reworked. Anyway… was certainly misty the second morning I was here and woke early for a walk along the Thames up to Marsh Lock. Here’s a few of the B&W pics taken on film with the Leica.CNV00019CNV00022CNV00021

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  1. Just beautiful Neil. Are you recovering ok? Martha is becoming famous, she was booked last minute to do three shows with Katie Noonan, Abby Dobson and Thelma Plum at Camelot lounge. The singer Ella Hooper pulled out, so Martha stepped in and learnt all their songs to play and sing bv’s and also a guitar solo in about two days. Last night I went with jason to see the show, and she was absolutely fantastic. a huge step up for her, but she held her own with patter too. so great to see. The three nights have been sold out, and she has now been asked to do four national dates as well. So I have a sense of great loss and equal pride. Jason has finished the shimmer clip, I’m hoping he’s sent you a link? Hope you’re good Neil, looking forward to seeing you when you get back, and those photos are superb 🙂 X jz

    October 3, 2013
  2. Tanya Jones #

    Wow! You’re kind of a really good photographer… These shots are most definitely frame-worthy.

    October 3, 2013

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