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Lord Howe Island.

After my last post on tattoos and backsides I thought something more seemly was in order. Caroline and I sent seven nights on beautiful Lord Howe Island just before Easter….the last night was a bonus as the flight was delayed 24 hrs due to high winds.  The island is one and a half hours flight north east of Sydney and has the furthest south coral gardens in Australia.We stayed at Arajilla, a  friendly and faultlessly run small resort. A relentless easterly wind which kept the normally  glass lagoon churned up  was the only drawback as  we walked and swam and snorkeled. A highlight was meeting and exploring with Ian Hutton, weatherman turned naturalist and all round Island expert…first a book on LH marine life, then plants, then birds. Caroline asked him if there was anything at all he didn’t know about the island, and he really had to  pause and think before replying. Well, I’ll let the pics do the rest of the talking. After the scenery it shows Ian Hutton finding a  shearwater (locally known mutton birds) chick. Next is a sooty tern mother sitting with her chick on the branch of a Norfork pine. we also saw tropic birds and providence petrels.Finally some of the remarkable banyan trees. Neil.IMG_2381IMG_2766IMG_0535IMG_2485IMG_2498IMG_2492IMG_2736IMG_2773IMG_0528IMG_0519IMG_0523IMG_2701

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