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Heading home,with a new board.

329C0075Staying with Mark and Stacy on the final leg of this journey. This morning I cooked the full American catastrophe breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup ,smoked turkey bacon and scrambled eggs. We at least managed a six km walk after that, but then were so hot we had to drink beer. Win/lose/win/lose. Anyway…pictured here is a new board that clever Mark has designed and shaped himself. It’s based on a design from an early Californian board shaper called Bob Simmons.Below is the proud maker, and an early morning shot of Santa Monica pier.329C0072329C0048

Even in Hell.

Las Vegas is a proto-hell. Acres upon acres of slot machines, with a few gaming tables interspersed. Published figures show only 5% of people visit with an intention to gamble, but 87% do. Anyway, two rays of light. One, I just convinced the sports betting bar to devote on of its 30 screens to show the AFL Grand Final. ” Can you imagine what it would be like if you were traveling and couldn’t watch the Superbowl?”That did the trick.( It’s now the next day…poor Swannies) But more importantly I stumbled across a beautifully curated exhibition called ” Painting Women”, at the Bellagio Fine Arts Gallery. Brought down from the wonderful Museum of Fine Arts in Boston it is an answer to often asked question: ” Why aren’t there any great women artists”. It’s all 19th and 20th century, and here selection of favorites.The first is the only one I’ll comment on and is by Marie Laurencin (1883-1956). French,and part of Pablo Picasso’s circle she had a deliberately feminine approach to cubsim incorporating pastel colors and curvilinear forms to oppose what she saw as “the aggressive masculinity ” of cubist painters.



A self portrait by Ellen Day Hale( 1855-1940) American.

IMG_1663Gretchen Woodman Rogers ( 1881-1967) Woman in Fur Hat.

IMG_1660Elizabeth Vaughan Okie Paxton ( 1877-1971) American. The open window.

IMG_1655Doris Lee (1905-1983) American. The Vine#1

and lastly two by the only one of these artists I was familiar with before this,Georgia O’Keeffe, (1887-1986)..the first is End of Barns, the second Red Tree, Yellow Sky.