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Heading home,with a new board.

329C0075Staying with Mark and Stacy on the final leg of this journey. This morning I cooked the full American catastrophe breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup ,smoked turkey bacon and scrambled eggs. We at least managed a six km walk after that, but then were so hot we had to drink beer. Win/lose/win/lose. Anyway…pictured here is a new board that clever Mark has designed and shaped himself. It’s based on a design from an early Californian board shaper called Bob Simmons.Below is the proud maker, and an early morning shot of Santa Monica pier.329C0072329C0048

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  1. doc #

    Hey Neil,

    What a gas to be on the west coast with your buds. I don’t how I got this email, but glad to share in the fun!


    Sent from my iPad


    September 30, 2014
    • Hi there…I have no idea how you got it either!…it’s for friends of mine who subscribe( you’re more than welcome!!)…but thanks for the encouraging thoughts. The West Coast,wonderful friends, and a great surf are heard to beat. Best. Neil

      September 30, 2014
  2. Zan Henigan Lombardo #

    Dear Neil,

    Zan Lombardo here, one of Paulus’ groupies, the one with the 30-foot watercolor. I hope all is well with you and that your work is thriving. I am quite well, planning on retiring from teaching in a year. My husband is running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, right now. My daughter is is preparing to graduate from Massage School. Life is good.

    I’ve submitted my big painting to a jury of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts’ U.S. Constitution Center Expansion Project. The state is in the process of choosing $1.2 million’s worth of art by Pennsylvania artists to adorn the walls there in Philadelphia. My fingers are crossed for good luck, though I am one of over 1500 artists who are also hopeful.

    Awhile back, I asked if it might be possible to obtain less than a minute’s worth of video of the big painting for my website, the one where everyone was holding it up outside and Jason walked his camera in front of it. The sunlight was wonderful that day. To ask you at the moment when you were submitting your film to the Sundance Film Festival was poor timing on my part, obviously. However, I thought it might be worth asking anew now. Every ounce of help that might aid the PCA jurors in grasping the nature of the scroll, its size, its colors, its flow would be valuable. For this work to continue to languish in a tube in the corner of my studio forever simply because there simply aren’t many 40-foot walls where it could be suitably displayed would be a shame. The space in the expanded Constitution Center is really grand and would be a wonderful as well as permanent destination for the piece.

    If there are constraints, please let me know the parameters. If you need payment, specify. If you can’t do it, I understand. Of course the big panting has already been photographically documented, but video conveys life that still photographs can’t, and my imagination keeps bringing me back to your film crew during those days in North Carolina in 2012. I ask for the courtesy of a reply one way or the other, so my mind will have an answer and that particular itch in my brain can feel scratched.

    Thanks so much. I appreciate it. Love, Zan

    July 13, 2015

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