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First Produce

This is the first box of Jamberoo Mountain Co. produce. A lovely deep red quince and apple jelly with vanilla beans. Christmas presents I think!


Reluctantly Pink.

Two days at a very wet Jamberoo. The kind of days I remind myself,well,you did buy land in a rainforest.

The Quinces got another run ( there are a lot of quinces in a case) this time slow cooked for preserving. Getting them to turn pink is always a challenge, and I thought I had cracked it discovering a recipe online of the “from my old grandmother ” variety that said absolutely the secret was to bake them in the oven for three hours first. Well Grandma is a fibber and it made no difference. But by leaving them overnight in a heavy-bottomed pan on the slow burning stove, I got them there eventually. So here they are, with a good dose of vanilla pod and cinnamon.


My favorite Autumn arrival is quinces. Paula at the local IGA snaffled a box for me at the markets, and this was to be a Jamberoo everything-quince making weekend. But the weather is just too dreadful, and Caroline is getting ready for a trip to Alice Springs and surrounds researching a feature film for her friend Tim Rose-Price. So we stayed home and  while she has been stuck into the computer, I have fired up the kitchen. I have made quince and quince/apple jelly for a few years, but stumbled on this lovely recipe and website: local kitchen . I modified the recipe a bit, with even more vanilla bean and that has given a very deep color.


The jars are now cooling, and fingers crossed for a reasonable set.