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Chritmas, Sri Lanka.

Yay! A hopper( see earlier post) making kit for Christmas from Tom and Anna.


It had to happen.

Being softened up for the sell.

Tired at the end of the day we relented to our drivers insistence that we see the “spice farm.”

The snake oil salesman.


Five years old and ready for release.

A rare Albino.We were told one in ten thousand.

Turtles are endangered by natural predators,loss of habitat and fishing nets. We visited a small hatchery on the way to Galle that does its very best.

Eggs, which are like punctured ping pong balls.

Three days old.

Sri Lanka days 1 and 2.

After a longish flight we arrive in Colombo in the early hours. I am traveling here with Caroline and Tom and Anna for three weeks.

First of many curries.