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And finally, a film is born

Some of you will know already that the film I made on the life of Paulus Berensohn has now been released on DVD ( and can be downloaded and streamed as well). It was quite an effort getting all the moving parts working together to do this, and  that effort was largely made by my daughter Anna..thanks Anna! If you’d like a copy of the film, or perhaps would like to give one as a gift just go to and go to the buy section.Spring from Hand_Front Spring from Hand_Back

And now that is done, it’s full steam ahead with the upcoming documentary on the pokies industry. Much happening there and shooting begins in the UK in September. I’ll make a separate detailed post on that soon. Warmest  greeting to all. Neil.

Jedi mind tricks.

While Mark was playing mandolin inSanta Monica, Jonathan (on bass) used the opportunity of Barney McAll( piano) visiting from New York to record further tracks for the film. Two days at Linear Studios in Leichardt. Joining them were Julien Wilson ( saxaphone) and Hamish Stuart(drums)…and Phil Slater( trumpet), otherwise known as Jedi.I looked  around  at one stage and he was going through a series of moves with intense concentration. Tai Chi? Qi Gong? Tibetan Yoga?…no, just practicing his golf swing329C3706329C3734329C3756329C3760329C3796329C3800329C3801329C3767329C3751

He’s a talented lad that Mark.

IMG_0718I wrote in a recent post that music for the film on Paulus Berensohn was being done by friends Mark Rivett and Jonathan Zwartz. Mark’s main instrument is jazz guitar. But he also sings. And composes. And plays the five string banjo (a founding member of the Jamberoo Mountain Boys, but more on that another day) and has pulled out the mandolin on which he is no slouch to compose for the film. Jonathan has added bowed bass, and the Appalachian/classical fusion is a beautiful sound.I will find a way of posting some samples of the tracks next week . Another track has him using the banjo but making it sound like a sitar.As an audio engineer (who worked on Abbey Road) at Song Zu, Mark’s recording Studio in Sydney said to me as Mark departed after a session one day..”He’s a talented lad that Mark.”